Lease 1 Financial provides accessible, understandable and trustworthy equipment lease financing and vehicle leasing. We’re in the business of helping your business thrive.

The Lease 1 Financial Advantage

Unmatched Value: We offer highly competitive rates, unparalleled service and deep expertise in equipment lease financing. No matter what industry you’re in or what equipment you need, we’re the industry’s best choice to help your business thrive.

Personal, Professional Service: We pride ourselves on being professional and attending to every detail. But we’re not a large faceless organization who will make you feel like a number. With Lease 1 Financial you get the personal touch AND the professional execution.

Deep Expertise: We’re experts in equipment lease financing and it’s our priority to make sure you understand your lending options and the implications of choosing one financing arrangement over another. We’re always here to help you find your ideal lease financing terms and structure.

Shared Values: We get it. We’re business people too. Any time you invest in your business and take on a financial obligation, there are implications for everyone who counts on your business to feed their family. We’re driven to help you succeed and every decision we make, product we recommend or phone call we answer comes with that at the front of our minds.

Our Team

Brenda Goettler | President of Lease 1 Financial


President & Leasing Specialist

In the equipment leasing industry since 2001, as well as an additional 20 years in sales, Brenda is an expert in her field. Uncompromising commitment to the best interests of each one of her clients is what has propelled her to excel. Going the extra mile, developing meaningful relationships with her clients, and providing top-notch customer service are Brenda’s trademarks.

Sharon Clarke | Lease Administrator at Lease 1 Financial


Lease Administrator


With decades of experience in the insurance industry and working for a premier airline, Sharon brings our customer service up a notch! The newest member of our team, Sharon provides documentation and administrative support.

Gabrielle Carlson | Lease Administrator at Lease 1 Financial


Lease Administrator

New to the lease financing industry, Gabrielle brings a determination to learn – and she learns fast! With her fastidious nature and knack for precision, she’s the perfect person to handle our documentation. Her exceptional organizational skills serve our team well. 

Jana Carlson | Marketing Director & Office Administrator at Lease 1 Financial


Marketing Director & Office Administrator

From managing our online presence and developing new marketing campaigns to making sure our Customer Relationship Management system is functioning optimally, Jana is fervently committed to effective communication with our clients and partners. 

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